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Root Canals

Uncover the Advantages of Root Canal Therapy at Sunbury Plaza Dental 

Are you grappling with intense tooth pain, sensitivity to temperature changes in your diet, or tender and discolored gums? These symptoms could indicate a severe infection or damage to your tooth. At Sunbury Plaza Dental, our proficient team specializes in efficient root canal treatments designed to rescue your smile. 

Root canal therapy is an essential dental procedure targeted at rejuvenating teeth impacted by extensive decay, fractures, trauma, or previous dental work. Root canal therapy removes the infected area of the tooth, cleans the tooth’s interior, and adds new material that supports, strengthens, and preserves your existing roots. The goal from each procedures is to alleviate discomfort, preserve tooth integrity, and restore your tooth’s natural functionality. 

Timely intervention plays a pivotal role in preventing tooth loss and maintaining a pain-free, enduring smile. A root canal may be needed if you have any of these indicators: 

  • Sharp pain while chewing 
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold substances 
  • Discolored and tender gums 
  • A small, pus-filled bump on your gums  

Don’t endure the discomfort any longer—reach out to us today! Our dedicated team is here to provide you with compassionate care, safeguard your smile, and promote your excellent oral health. Call now to schedule your appointment and take the first step toward maintaining your radiant smile. 

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